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About El Mocho
El Mocho has been around for over twenty-five years and for a good reason. This local hotspot serves authentic cuban cuisine that has been passed down from generation to generation. The rich family culture behind this restaurant is evident in all its meals which include, Ropa Vieja, Palomilla Steak, Cuban Mix, Chuleta, etc. All recipes include family secrets and unique ingredients that make these meals delicacies. In addition to dinner, the breakfast sandwiches are another specialty. A bacon egg and cheese on cuban bread is a local favorite. El Mocho has mastered their cafe con lechè recipe along with their deserts, flan, rice pudding, and guava pastries.
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Daniel Dixon   July 3, 2017  

❝ I went to El Mocho for breakfast and ordered the steak egg and cheese. This sandwich was served on cuban bread and was very delightful. All around great experience. ❞

Connor Curry   July 3, 2017  

❝ El Mocho had excellent service and the food was even better. The palomilla steak was off the chain and I had a piece of flan for desert which left me speechless. ❞

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