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Miguel Gonzalez  July 30, 2017  

❝ Definitely recommend this restaurant for anyone wanting to enjoy awesome food!!!This restaurant welcomes you with awesome food and great service!As a local I recommend this restaurant for anyone wanting to eat good food ❞

Kristina  June 30, 2017  

❝ What an amazing place to go...Definitely the local spot...the staff is friendly and very entertaining to watch ... the food is delicious and prices are just right!!! It's a must to stop and grab a bite !!!!❞

Nelson Morales  June 26, 2017  

❝ Whenever I am in town, I always make a stop at Dolphin Deli! Their fish sandwiches are incredible. Highly recommend this spot.❞

Joseph Varela  June 14, 2017  

❝ Great breakfast menu! I try to go at least once a week! ❞

Mike Henriquez  June 8, 2017  

❝ Went to Dolphin Deli to grab a bite to eat for lunch. I got the blackened Mahi sandwich and it was amazing! The specials looked great too. ❞

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