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Josh Johnson  November 30, 2017  

❝ Captain Sellers took us out for a half day and that was all we needed! Loaded up on snappers, landed a couple big groupers, and got to watch the sunset. Perfect day on the water! ❞

Sandy and Tyson Rhodes  July 4, 2017  

❝ Best experience ever! We went out on a half day charter with Book and Hook Charters and brought back 31 pounds of fish! Best experience we've EVER had on the water! We are already trying to plan a trip back to the keys so we can go back out with Captain Steven Sellers! Thank you so much!!!❞

Jason carron  June 30, 2017  

❝ Fished on board Book and Hook Charters with local captain Steven Sellers and had a wonderful experience. Caught more than enough fish for dinner that night! Will rebook next time I need a charter. ❞

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