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Sheila  July 30, 2017  

❝ I had the pleasure of booking with Capt. Evan, and the service was exceptional from the booking to the ride in. Evan made us feel safe with his knowledge of the island, made us feel like locals by taking us to the magical place called "Snipes," and it was surreal when my guests and I got to see dolphins and a sea turtle on the way in. Our trip was amazing, we will be back to Key West and look for Island Relief! Until then - cheers !❞

Jason carron   June 30, 2017  

❝ Captain Evan was a wonderful fishing guide, with exceptional knowledge of the industry. Limited out on our fish and plenty of time to fish around for big game as we booked a full day. He's young, but his knowledge and captaining ability goes beyond some of the more veteran captains out there. ❞

Glynn Archer  June 29, 2017  

❝ Captain Tingley is a great fisherman that can you put you on some hot spots quickly! If your looking to catch a lot of fish this is the charter to book. Highly recommended charter!❞

Mike Henriquez  June 6, 2017  

❝ Fintastic Charters put us on some nice fish, and quick! The kids had a blast as well. Overall, it was a great boating experience. Definitely recommend Capt. Tingley! ❞

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