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Glynn Archer  June 29, 2017  

❝ Captain Pita is one of the best in Key West! He has great spots whether you are trying to fish, cruise the beautiful water of Key West, or hang out at a spectacular sand bar. Highly recommended charter! ❞

Mikey Abreu  June 27, 2017  

❝ Knotty Conch Charters is awesome! We went out and caught plenty of fish and saw a huge sea turtle! Captain Garret is great I had a great time I would recommend knotty conch charters to a friend.❞

Mike Henriquez  June 15, 2017  

❝ We went out on Knotty Conch Charters for some dolphin, we were trolling and we came across a WHALE SHARK! It was one of the most amazing sights on the water I have ever seen. Captain Pita pulled us up and we were able to swim with the whale shark, a once in a lifetime opportunity! ❞

Manny Rodriguez  June 15, 2017  

❝ Never been put on a spot quite like the spot Captain Pita took us too! We were casting lines and bringing up fish left and right. The captain himself is super friendly and it very attentive to my party! For sure booking another charter for my next KW trip!❞

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